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DDC FPO is a leading specialist in Freight Process Outsourcing (FPO): digitization and processing of freight related documents. For years DDC FPO has been a key partner for international logistic companies in outsourcing these secondary business processes and thereby improving business performance.

Digitizing documents

To ensure fast, secure and accurate processing, freight documents are scanned on locations at our clients' terminals. Every document is linked to a unique number which simplifies digital archiving.

Offshore locations

DDC FPO uses several production facilities around the world. These are all owned and operated by the DDC Group. Projects can therefore be conducted entirely within our own organization, from project management to data capture.

Data processing

Our nearshore and offshore facilities are able to process the data directly into the clients system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year. A specially trained team is assigned to each client to ensure the highest quality of data entry.

Data delivery

If desired, all data can be keyed directly into the clients' system. A 15 minute average turnaround time means our clients can quickly access relevant information and follow-ups can be done more efficiently.

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